dancing from the heart

As dancers, ENRIQUE Y JUDITA unite tradition with innovative elements of Argentine Tango. In close embrace, they allow the music itself to dance through elegance and harmonious teamwork.

They enjoyed a solid tango education in Buenos Aires with the great masters of the Tango. Here, in the font and home of Tango, they developed their substantial technique and liquid movements with Julio Balmaceda and Corina de la Rosa.

The Argentinean masters, Alberto Rusconi "Tete", Carlos and Rosa Perez, María la Turca and Jorge Díspari, introduced them to the secrets of the Tango Salon.

ENRIQUE Y JUDITA gave their debut in the Sunderland Club in Buenos Aires. This Club is one of the most important and oldest tango venues of the city. This was followed by performances in the big theaters of Buenos Aires: Teatro Metropolitan, Estadio Obras Sanitarias, Teatro de la Rivera, Centro Cultural San Martin, Centro Cultural Sur; La Trastienda.

Tango led them from Buenos Aires to Europe, where they successfully give shows and teach all over the continent. ENRIQUE Y JUDITA have given guest performances with famous tango orchestras Color Tango, El Arranque, Sexteto Andorinha and Orquesta Tipica Silencio.

In the show „Amando a Buenos Aires“, produced by Tango Five with its outstanding bandoneon player Raul Jaurena and the singer Marga Mitchel, ENRIQUE Y JUDITA bring the essence to the stage without falling victim to the clichés. Both the audience and the press enthusiastically appraised the show. They performed for 5 weeks to full houses in the Friedrichsbau Varietee Stuttgart.

2004 4. Place, World Championchip Campeonato Mundial de Tango de Salón, Buenos Aires

2003 Runner-up, World Championchip Campeonato Mundial de Tango de Salón, Buenos Aires

2003 Finalists, World Championchip Campeonato Mundial de Tango de Escenário, Buenos Aires

2002 Finalists, City Championchip Campeonato Metropolitaneo de Tango de Salón, Buenos Aires

2002 Winner of the German Masters in Tango Argentino, Dortmund

2002 Audience Prize German Masters in Tango Argentino, Dortmund

  German Television: Today’s News “Tagesthemen” and “Nachtmagazin” (ARD), “Landesschau mobil” (SWR)

Argentine Television: Canal 9, Canal 13, Solo Tango

Georgian Television: 1st national channel

Euro News

  Judita Zapatero
  trained and graduated as a dancer in Spain. She lived and worked for 10 years in Andalusia, where she danced flamenco and performed on national and international tours with the Flamencos en route Dance Company. She discovered tango in 1990 and developed her technique in Buenos Aires with her partner Enrique.

  Enrique Grahl Junior
  is a trained physiotherapist. He was introduced to tango in 1992 in Berlin. Tango has since then accompanied him and become his profession. Besides training in Argentina, Enrique and Judita have developed a completely new body and movement technique called Primerafuente.