sensual, musical, and vigorous

Tango Argentino evokes a direct experience of music, rhythm, and mood. What is exciting and unique about tango is that it is always freely improvised. The man chooses the steps he intends to lead but the real dance experience arises together with the woman. Expressed poetically: the man is a mute poet, whose works are narrated by the woman. Every Tanguero knows that tango is a danced dialogue, which is conveyed directly by the body and therefore makes speech superfluous.

Tango Argentino began to develop approx. 100 years ago in Buenos Aires, then the biggest emigrant port in the world. Only dance could provide the intimacy and security the immigrants longed for. The rhythms and melodies of the immigrants combined to form extremely rich and varied music. Tango began its triumphant march into the wider world around 1910 in Paris. Today it is more modern and alive than ever.


Also today, the most diverse people meet in the Milongas (dance evenings) to dance tango with each other. This dance, which demands great concentration and dedication from both partners, is captivating more and more people through its aesthetic sensuality.

Tango Salon is the most authentic way to dance tango. This tango style developed in the forties to become a kind of "social event" and has, to this day, remained almost unchanged. The elegant close embrace enables many couples to dance together even in a confined space.